Circling the Light

Milly Bloom

  She stood over me, A presence so dark and undistinguished, from the night that wrapped her. A gull’s cry echoed from the rocks below, shrieking to the horizon, For … Continue reading

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Calke Abbey

Listing 1. Named in Chinese Whispers, On browned and faded leaves, Words tumbled to the floor, On patterned Persian weaves, Treading wrongs up to the door. 2. Objects gathered, Ordered … Continue reading

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Sillitoe in Silver

  Details of a face only a lover would see, Rise to me now from the screen, A pool of light in the darkness. Bare fragments of a face, Trail … Continue reading

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Terazin. Unfinished

The coach pulled into a hollow area near a small museum. The crackle of wheels on the road were, I thought, like breaking bones. I walked, hearing my own footsteps … Continue reading

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The Happy End

The day to day, the buy and by Passes with every blink, The I in Each picture the same, Just a moment later.   The end is seen far off … Continue reading

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The Folded White

The light on linen Blind, Tucked and folded under In a shadow no longer White, The return, again in anger Sharply pleated, the pointed Deliberation nested Pure, Exposed to the … Continue reading

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The Bathroom

I Intertwining, past and present The mists of smeared anger; A future emerges From the shelved props That cantilever The then From the now. II ‘Friday’ fades slowly on the … Continue reading

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Night Porter

And the night falls around me like dust, Stars in shafts of light hang in cobwebs, Mapping the town, driven in circles around a hub, tied and bound by years, here.   … Continue reading

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Oil and Flowers (Wednesday, September 2013)

The lipstick petals of a smile, Laughed, kissed, sang, And whispered lies in the night, Now rolls away, Kicked by the feet that found you.   That red was “so … Continue reading

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The Smile

His jacket wore the man shrunk inside, An enameled lapel shines with pride, Forgotten. Peeping shyly from his slip-on shoes, The birthday “Best Dad” are Freshly laundered by those, That … Continue reading

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